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Donate – Give Life To Others

September 23, 2009

This is not a plea. This is not a request. This is just an information. The choice is yours. This blog has just changed the sponsor and the cause that we promote in our own small way. I am sure the story of Steve Jobs is known to us all. Were it not for some donor who had donated his liver to Mr. Jobs I do not know what would have happened. It is not that we need to give a part of our body now. All of us who are there now will die some day. Death is inevitable. Why not decide to help someone even in death. I know it is scary to think about anything but life. Yet, the truth stares us all. We will not be around here forever. Must we not decide to do something for those around us once we are no more. What if a blind man can see through our eyes and discovers this beautiful world. What a beautiful feeling it would be for that man or woman. And then there are some who have lost their sight due to some accident. They can see no more. We can help them see again if we want to. Most of us do not think ahead enough. What use will be these body parts once there is no life in us. Someone can use these and that would change his or her life forever. Following are some of the tissues and body parts that we can donate.

What are tissue?

Each year hundreds of thousands of Americans who experience serious illness or injury are returned to healthy, productive lives through the transplantation of donated tissues. These tissues include, skin, heart valves, corneas, bones, ligaments, veins and arteries and are donated from patients who have experienced cardiac death or brain death.

What you can donate:

1. Whole eyes or cornea

2. Human heart valves

3. Cardiovascular tissues which include thoracic aorta the abdominal aorta, with iliac arteries with saphenous veins and femoral vessels.

4. Bone and musculoskeletal  tissue such as ligaments

5. Skin

Tissue Transplant success rate:

Procedure including bone and tissue transplant have a very high success rate as tissue transplant are not subject to rejection which sometime happens in organ transplant. Even in organ transplant medicines such as Cylosporine have reduced the rejection rate to a large extent. Source: New York Organ Donor Network

Through this blog we are trying to encourage you to go out and pledge that you shall donate one or more than one body part. A little bit of thoughtfulness on our part now may change the life of someone when we are not around. One way of ensuring this is to click on the right on the Social Vibe badge. You can easily make a difference. Your help will be most appreciated.

Some statistics: There are more than 21 million Americans with significant vision loss, more than 60,000 Americans die each year because of liver failure and the same number die waiting for a kidney donor. That is some food for thought.

PS: Why am I talking only about the US, because we at WordPress through Social Vibe and our sponsors CBS can help those in America. Those around the world can contact their country organ banks. It should not be too difficult. I am especially concerned about India where there are the largest number of people with vision impairment. We Indians need to get going, and do what we can fast. We can make a difference.

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