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Guilt Complex and the Dangers of Democracy

December 23, 2009

Former Australian Prime Minister Mr. John Howard was with Stephen Sackur on Hard Talk, one of the prominent programs on the BBC. Mr. Sackur at one point reminded Mr. Howard the fact that he had voiced his displeasure in the late eighties, prior to becoming the prime minister, over the increased migration into Australia of Asians, mainly Chinese and Indians. Mr. Howard was immediately on the defensive and said that it was a long time ago and that today it is a mixture of Mandarin and Cantonese language that is the most spoken in Australia. He said he was all for multi-regionalism and the facts speak for themselves. Europeans have a similar problem. Any word against migration is taken as an ‘extreme right wing posture’. The fact that there was a referendum on whether the 200,000 Muslims of Switzerland can build any more minarets was again criticized by all and sundry, especially when the verdict went against building minarets. Going back to Mr. Howard he was repeatedly asked as to why a boatful of Sri Lankans were turned away when some of them were not too well. Rather than say it loud and clear that such non-stop migration will change the demographics of his country and Australians may become a minority in their own country, Mr. Howard was on the defensive all the time. I know that the Caucasian white settlers were very ruthless with the aboriginals but it is also true that Australia as we find it today is because of the Caucasians who settled in this island nation over the past few centuries. Why must they not stop people from entering their country that they have built with so much effort and love? Why should they let others come and destroy their way of life? The problem with most migrants is that they insist on a separate identity and have a propensity of helping others including their family and friends to come over so that they can live ‘together’.  They then turn neighborhoods into a conglomeration of people from one country or one community. What is true for Australia is true for Europe and North America. There is an influx from Africa and Asia into Europe and the demographics are changing. One can see Asian and Middle Eastern women wearing hijab and burka roaming in the streets of London and other European capitals. They flaunt their distinctive identity and cry bloody murder if anyone dare say anything to them about their tent like attire. They even threaten to sue if anyone points this out, in the name of ‘discrimination’.

Why is multiculturalism so sacrosanct? What if the west says that they do not want any more immigrants and that they do not want the demographics to change? Europe is what it is, whether it is the arts or culture or architecture or the way of life, because of the Anglo-Saxon, Caucasian majority. If you want a color profile, I will not hesitate to say it – because of the white majority. The way the number of foreigners is increasing it could well be that the white majority may become a minority in the future. This is a real possibility as the numbers of immigrants is increasing with every passing day. Can a European or an Australian become a citizen of any of the Middle Eastern countries or even of such a country as India? It will be a huge effort and in some cases simply impossible. Yet the citizens of these countries enter Europe first illegally and slowly they manage to get the documents and become citizens of these countries.

Why does Europe and Australia allow such influx? Is it because most of the European nations were colonial powers not so long ago and they have this sense of responsibility towards the people of these nations, or is it a guilt complex that makes them so ‘liberal’ and ready to accept people from other parts of the world? The twentieth century is over and the colonialists are finding it difficult to rule the world. The collapse of the Soviet Union does not mean that they have it all to themselves. Other countries are coming up and prosperity is more distributed now than ever before. This is good news for the west, in a way, as there will be less of an influx into Europe and North America and Australia. I now see a ‘brain gain’ here in India as many of the Indians who had migrated to the US and Canada and parts of Europe now want to come back to India and try their luck here. The familiarity, the culture and the call of the soil is too strong an inducement for them not to think of coming back especially when the economy is on an upswing and the possibilities are numerous. They also find that with this new found prosperity India is ready to use their services now, with greater access to technology and resources.

But there are some people who are in the west to spawn and grow in numbers. It is this section of the society that is a real danger to the west. Must they allow them to increase in numbers in such outrageous manner that they become a threat to the local population? That is the question. In a democracy, it is the numbers that count. If the immigrants are more in numbers then they will call the shots. In this, democracy is a liability. Most of these immigrants come from countries that have no democracy or rule of law. And yet when they descend in Europe or in North America they insist on their rights and cry from roof tops if they are ‘discriminated against’. The hyper sensitive press and judicial system works overtime to redress their ‘grievances’. Many call for the rights of the ‘illegal immigrants’. West needs to do a reality check as do we because we have had a problem of illegal squatters from Bangladesh who have made India their home and have changed the demographics of many of the border districts. If this is the price of prosperity, then we must be ready to defend what we have earned with so much effort. And that is truer for the west than for India. However, we must learn our lessons from the west lest we fall into the same trap.

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