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I am sorry – now get my sponsor’s back!!!

February 20, 2010

Tiger Woods statement last evening (Indian time) was televised live the world over. It was good to see the champion say all the right things. But there was a lingering feeling that the whole show was way too well choreographed. The sniffs, the sighs and the long face were all a part of the show. Even the setting, with purple backdrop was well thought out. It was not a bright red or a radiant yellow – it was a drab purple. The Woods estate and management team had everything worked out.

I will not say that the man is a sham. I am sure a part of him is truly sorry. I am also sure he cares a lot for his wife and kids. I also do not disbelieve when he says that his wife Elin did not hit him with the golf club, and that they as a family do not have domestic violence. Having said that, I am not sure he will not succumb to temptation again. There is a naughty streak in the man and it shows. He is way too intelligent not to know what he is doing. The only regret, if one may call it that is the choice of women he went out with. Even his wife remarked that apart from a couple of the eighteen, the rest were just so ordinary!! She cannot believe that Tiger fell for such women. I am sure, next time around, if he is having an affair, it will be some heiress or some corporate honcho and not just an ordinary waitress. Show some taste, man!!

It is his wife that has come out with flying colors. She has stood by her man and told the world that she does not intend to break her marriage because women kept throwing themselves at Tiger. And God bless, he is Tiger right? And what are Tiger’s supposed to do? The lady is absolutely right! There is no room for complaints.

The others who have come out with flying colors are the ‘other women’ apart from the eighteen that have been unearthed, those that have chosen not to speak about their affair with Woods. These are the real women and these are the ones, Tiger really respects. I am sure they are waiting for him to come out of rehab…

And by the way, what do they do in such a rehab – make you weed the garden. And then what? Do it all over again! How do the basic urges get marginalized? This is ridiculous.

This whole exercise of asking for forgiveness was well timed and as I said earlier well choreographed. Tiger’s indiscretion has meant a big financial hole in the Woods bandwagon. He was the richest sports person in the world and perhaps still is. Most of his sponsors have abandoned him, except for Accenture. I guess the companies that have terminated their contract with Woods have shown themselves in poor light. They failed to stand with the man when he was in a bind. That is a poor reflection on these corporate monoliths. Standing with Woods during his time of crisis would have shown them as people who do not abandon those they believe in. Tiger may be in a trough now, but soon he will be back as he remarked that he will meet his golfing friends soon. Tiger is on a comeback trail. And that is what this small forgiveness speech was all about. I am told that he has started hitting a few golf balls and doing some physical exercises too. The man is too talented to be left out. The only real therapy that he needs is to go back to the tour and take his family along, as far as possible. That will surely be therapeutic and that will be a sort of nirvana for a man who has lived and breathed golf all his life.

There were a couple of things that he said that did strike a chord with me. The first was when he asked the media not to hound his family. I guess that is truly on. Why should they be hounded such. Just leave the Woods alone and they will be fine. The whole drama was exacerbated by the way the media went to town, dealing with all possible details that they could lay their hands on. I will be surprised if Elin just did not have any inkling of his indiscretions.

The second thing that made sense was that this whole affair was something that was strictly between him and his wife Elin. It is not for the media or the public to second guess what is going on in their lives. This was a very personal thing that was taken to town and all hell broke loose. The Woods deserve some privacy and some space to get their bearings again. We, the public should concentrate on Tiger Woods the golfer. A top golfer may not be an ideal family man. It is asking too much from a person who lives life out of a suitcase. I am not trying to defend the man, but Tiger Woods has worked very hard at achieving what he has. The Woods need to sort their lives out. The only reason why Tiger Woods came out in the open to apologize was to cleanse his image and give it a makeover. He has had it rough these past few months and he wanted to start with a clean slate. The monetary angle was surely at the back of his mind too.

Be as it may, the man has apologized and he should be fine soon. It won’t be long before he will be back on the course competing. That would be interesting and the PGA then will find its feet as well. Without Tiger Woods, the PGA looks a shadow of itself.

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  1. March 6, 2010 3:19 pm

    Very good post! You definitely did a lot of research on this, so good job. I’ll make sure to bookmark your blog as well!

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