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Hype, Hyperbole and Liberal Gibberish

April 9, 2012

Hype and hyperbole were the two things that marked a day’s visit by Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari to India. The hype created by the media was reminiscent of Musharraf’s visit for the famed Agra Summit. Nothing came out of that much talked about Summit – nothing was to come out of this one day visit either. I may say this with regret but nevertheless one must put things as they are. This visit was avoidable at best and one to be ignored at the least, especially by the media. But we went overboard and made it into one big gala affair. The man was on a pilgrimage to Ajmer Sharief and our Prime Minister insisted that they meet. This then led to an expansion of the Zardari entourage. Zardari wanted a quite private visit – we made him stop at 7 Race Course Road. Once it was clear that politics would be on agenda Rahman Malik and Bina Rabbani Khar and others were sent along with Zardar. The media went overboard and every minute of his visit was covered non-stop by a media that loves to exaggerate the importance of some events, especially when it comes to Pakistan.

Much was being made of the one on one meeting between Zardari and Manmohan Singh. There are conflicting reports as to how long this meeting went. Some say that it was just a fifteen minute affair while others say it went on for almost three quarters of an hour. There was also a talk that Asif Ali Zardari arrived late to avoid a long one on one meeting with Manmohan Singh. There could be some truth in this assertion. Zardai is known to have the penchant of promising the moon and Pakistan establishment wanted to make sure that he did no such thing. An interesting aside was that Rehman Malik is reported to have met P. Chidambaram and has claimed that there has been a remarkable breakthrough between the two nations. I am not sure what transpired between the two home ministers. That may filter out in the days to come. But I am not sure there could have been any substantial breakthrough as such.

We must not forget that the Zardari visit for siyasat and ziyarat came in the backdrop of Hafiz Saeed episode where the US has announced a bounty of $10 million on his head. The liberal Indian press has given a convoluted twist to this as a rejection of Indian claims by the West and their desire to have more substantive evidence against Saeed This is a ridiculous argument and if one were to see this dispassionately one would conclude that American announcement of bounty on Saeed is a direct endorsement of evidence presented by Indian authorities to Pakistan. The US has said that they would like to see Hafiz Saeed ‘convicted in the US or in a foreign country’. That is an open statement and if I were a Pakistani I would read it as the same kind of ultimatum that the US gave Pakistan before they embarked on the Abbotabad strike to get Osama bin Laden. Pakistan is cornered and therefore they are indulging in sweet talk. Our bleeding heart liberals are making things easy for them by showing the kind of bonhomie reserved for a friend. Pakistan is no friend by any stretch of imagination. This same media ignored the BRIC summit where four of the more powerful nations’ head of states had come to New Delhi. None of these heads of states were interviewed by the media or invited to the studios of the innumerable TV channels. Liberals look at the world upside down. If one goes by the Indian media and begins to believe that what they see on TV News channels and the print media is how India thinks then they would conclude that we are a nation of fools. If someone comes to such a conclusion I would perfectly understand that.

Manmohan Singh is a crafty political player. The moment he heard that Zardari was on his way to Ajmer he invited him for a stopover in Delhi for lunch. This turned into a diplomatic extravaganza. Pakistan is afraid more of a hug from Manmohan Singh than anything else. It corners them like nothing does. Americans squeeze them from the other end. For both India and the US the problem is – who do we talk to. For sometimes it was Gilani who it seemed was calling the shots in Pakistan. But then the NRO scandal surfaced and he was marginalized. Zardari’s wings have been clipped by the judiciary, his powers curtailed. The army generals call the shot but this army chief won’t come out in the open – he prefers to control from behind the scenes. Satish Chandra, a former Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan has said that Zardari and his team were briefed by the army top brass before they embarked on their trip to India. In such a scenario it gets increasingly difficult for any talks to fructify. Zardari in India was an opportunity for the Indians. It was also a chance to talk tough. I am sure Manmohan Singh must have given Zardari an idea as to where things are and where they are headed and what is in Pakistan’s interests. As for Zardari, at best one can call him a messenger boy and Malik, Khar and others as minders around him to make sure he does not shoot his mouth off. The man has little credibility in Pakistan and is politically shaky at best. Twice he traveled to Dubai in recent past and both times the grapevine had it that he would not return. It was believed that he would fly to London and abandon Pakistan for good. The man returned and this was a surprise. To give such a political figure so much mileage speaks volumes about the seriousness of the Indian media. I will not get into him being called Mr 10% by Pakistan media not so long ago and his alleged role in the bombing that killed 11 Frenchmen in Karachi docks who were working on a submarine project. The story goes that Zardari was not paid his 10% and thus the retribution!

Pakistan tends to talk sweet when in a bind, as they are doing now for the heat to subside. The Hafiz Saeed issue is a big headache for them and they are exposed as a nation. Not that there was much to expose after the Osama episode, but still. They are trying to make all the right noises in the hope of being able to buy time. They are forgetting that it is not India that has put a bounty on the head of Hafiz Saeed but the United States of America. Any amount of sweet talk and passage of time will not make a difference. The US will take this issue to its logical conclusion. Little do they understand that liberal Indian media gibberish cannot help them on this issue! US will do what they have to do regardless of what spin liberals in India concoct. Indian administration can only help Pakistan see reason and help them understand, as indeed the free world is trying to make them understand, that it is in their own interest to dismantle the terror infrastructure. This is non-negotiable.

There was a joint statement from Manmohan Singh and Asif Ali Zardari where Singh got an invitation to visit Pakistan. Singh on his part accepted the invitation and hoped to visit Pakistan at a time suitable to both. Earlier in Seoul Manmohan Singh had said that his visit to Pakistan will happen only if there is some tangible progress. So, in effect Singh has thrown the ball in Pakistan’s court for them to make some concrete progress before he can visit Pakistan.  I won’t be surprised if India and the West are in constant touch as regards the region. Americans have understood Pakistani mindset. They have been taken for a ride for too long. They have also understood that more stick and a little carrot is the way forward to thwart any more deceit from Pakistan. There was little bonhomie at 7 RCR when Zardari met Manmohan, a far cry from what was being portrayed by the indulgent liberal media. Pakistan has been sent a stern message through their messenger in Asif Ali Zardari. Now it is for them to decide how they would like to play the game.


It seems Zardari promised Manmohan Singh action against Hafiz Saeed. Perhaps that was the reason why Manmohan Singh called his talks with Zardari fruitful and accepted invitation to go to Pakistan. Zardari landed in Rawalpindi and debriefed his mentors in Pakistan army about his talks with Singh. Prime Minister Yousuf Reza Gilani immediately issued a statement asking for conclusive proof against Hafiz Saeed to be able to act against him. Zardari had again promised something he could not deliver. New Delhi was back to square one.


The same evening that Zardari came to India there were a series of bomb attacks in Kolkota in which the preliminary reports suggest that at least two people have died. These attacks are the direct result of the over-the-board bonhomie and Liberal media blitzkrieg that bordered on the insane. Liberals in India have done more harm to the nation than any terror outfit including that of Hafiz Saeed. One such Liberal Moghul Sanjay Baru, who calls himself an economist but has views on all and sundry, said that a conventional war between India and Pakistan was just not on the table and that the only option we have is to make ‘diplomatic efforts’ to resolve all outstanding issues. This is nothing but an invitation to a nation that is the terror factory of the world to come and strike us again and again because with such Liberal Moghuls around they have a solemn guarantee that we will never strike back. It amazes me to hear such stupid Liberal gibberish and wonder how they explain the Kargil conflict. Then why do we maintain a million men army and why do we spend billions on defense? It is these Liberals again who have not a word of condemnation for the Maoist violence and have not reacted to the way Odisha government has capitulated meekly again and again to their demands for the release of the Italian they have kidnapped as also a BJD MLA. They are in cahoots with the Maoist ultras and they are the ones that want to make sure India remains weak. The world has stopped hyphenating India and Pakistan but these Liberals do not want such de-hyphenation.  They therefore will ignore the BRICS Summit as that gives India a stature. They do not want liberalization of Indian economy and would love to have the license raj back. Their other act of heroism is to equate jihadi terror and the so called ‘Hindu terror’. The world is fed up of jihadists and Islamists and to equate such terrorists with Hindu radicals is evil.  It again encourages Islamist terrorists to keep striking at India. Perhaps this is what the Liberals want and this is what satiates their appetite for anti-India hyperbole.


Liberals are one big load that this nation is carrying and remarkably they are in all the sensitive places where they can be heard. This Liberal gibberish has cost the nation a lot. It is time we unmasked them and threw them into oblivion so that the nation can move forward.

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  1. April 16, 2012 4:10 am

    I really appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thx again

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