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Diffused Communism – A Greater Threat?

April 7, 2013

I read an article in the Times of India which was really an obituary of the Communist parties in India. The writer can be excused for posturing that Communism is on the wane in India if not totally extinct. Were it not for Manik Sarkar Communists would have no government in any state of India. Mamta Banerjee defeated Buddhadeb Bhattacharya in West Bengal and Achutanandan lost narrowly to the Congress in Kerala.  On the face of it one can say that Communism is dying in India. But is it really?

The truth of the matter is that while Communist governments may have been ousted Communists have never been as strong as they are now. They are everywhere where it matters. Education has been taken over by them. They have a say in all policy matters big and small. They may not be in the government but they are influencing this government in every possible way. The much discussed and riled ‘inaction’ of this government is largely due to the Left influence. The absolute paralysis of this government can be directly attributed to the influence of the Left. The NAC, (National Advisory Council) which many are calling be disbanded is largely Left oriented.

Education has long been the bastion of the Left. Now they have taken it over completely. The lack of policy as regards Higher Education Bill is because of the influence of the Left. They know they will be rendered inconsequential were the Higher Education Bill passed and foreign universities of repute to enter India. One thought that with Pallam Raju and Shashi Tharoor at the helm, the Higher Education Bill would be passed by the parliament, but nothing of the sort has happened. This is one avenue of job creation and that tag of jobless growth would have been partially addressed.  Not to be.

The influence pf the Left is so pronounced that their armed cadres hold sway in almost 200 districts out of the 700 odd. They are armed to the teeth and have support from our neighbors. They are Maoist extremists and see the Shining Path of Peru as their ideal. They have killed and maimed thousands of our police and para military personnel. It is a low intensity war being waged against India and our Communist brothers are waging this war. Remarkably, the Communist Brotherhood in politics, media and intelligentsia is unashamed and rather pompous in their discourse. They pose as if they are oblivious of the mayhem created by the Maoists or the Naxals as they are sometimes called. They have the gall to talk down to other parties as if they have some moral high ground. An indulgent Left pronounced media never asks them the question that they should.

The Maoists and the Naxals now have another political outfit in mainstream of Indian politics and they are the Aam Admi arty (AAP). The Communists have an underground wing that is fighting the Indian state militarily. Then they have the ‘legitimate’ political outfits that try to gain political space within the democratic contours of the Indian political landscape. Never does the overground Communist Brotherhood criticize the Maoists terrorists. Its a two pronged attack on the Indian state and their ultimate goal is to turn India Red.

The Red Brotherhood gets its teeth from their ability to influence the media.They have infiltrated in the media big time. One can’t be a rightist and be a journalist. Swapandas Gupto is a rare exception, but even he has to succumb to the pressures of the Left and sound Liberal from time to time. Media has played a big role in propping up the Left goons who pose as martyrs for the cause of the poor and the downtrodden. They are legislating bills giving all sorts of rights to the people when they already have them enshrined in the Constitution. They have pressurized the government to spend billions of dollars in doles that is the NAREGA. This sieve like scheme is a drain on the exchequer. They are hell bent on spending on ‘social’ causes like Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela. Such massive public spending has meant that the state has had to increase taxes. The rupee has fallen and the country is facing a massive fiscal and current account deficit. We are almost junk in status as per the rating agencies so we are forced to borrow at higher interest rates. Does that faze the Leftists? Absolutely not.

On the one hand the Communists are forcing the government to increase public spending and on the other they are ensuring that no project is cleared by the government. More that rupees 7.5 lac crores worth of projects re pending approval. The excuses are many. The biggest culprit is the Environment Ministry. When Jayanti Natrajan took over from Jairam Ramesh one thought things would move. But they have not. The Left lobby is just not allowing anyone to function. Tatas cannot expand their steel plant nor can Pasco set up their because of lack of approvals. And then the ghost of corruption looms large. Anyone deciding  anything thinks twice as there can be a corruption inquiry. The bureaucracy has come to a grinding halt. This when the Lokpal Bill has not been passed by the parliament. his country has stopped functioning, thanks to our Left brothers.

Not content with stopping all development, the Left has used various government departments to hound the industry. Vodafone was slapped with a retrospective tax. P. Chidambram has said with his articulate suave demeanor that the matter will be resolved through ‘conciliation’. Nokia was served a notice by tax authorities as have been others. These run into thousands of crores. Business has migrated abroad and manufacturers have become traders. It is an amazing situation. These are clearly not the best of times for Indian business. A country that should easily grow in double digits is crawling at 5% with an inflation of at least 10% if not more.

Our foreign policy is also being dictated by the Left. One recent example is the weak kneed approach vis-a-vis our Maldivian policy. We refused to back Nausheed. The guy is in grave danger and our interests will be harmed if he is not treated fairly. We are talking to the Chinese about American pullout from Afghanistan! It is laughable what we are doing. The interoperability clause with the US  is gathering dust. The Indo-US Civilian Nuclear Deal is as good as dead. We are bot the allies of the West. We are just a pedestrian nation that counts or little. We claim to be cross with Pakistan after every outrage but then ‘tone it down’ and resume ‘normal relations’.

It is with some good reason that this nation seems to be looking for a change. The aspirations of the common Indian are sky high and the resolve of our Red Brigade steely to crush all such dreams.  The country will choose the right path. One sure sign is their rejection of Reds politically. People must understand what is going on in the country and how the nation is being hijacked. And when the scion of The Family claims that India is not a nation but ‘energy’ one begins to wonder as to where we are really headed. This hydra headed monster that is Communism which appears in different garbs needs to be demolished decisively for the nation to achieve its potential and for Girish the carpenter from Gorakhpur to be at ease with a job letter in his pocket as he heads for cities yonder and not live in the darkness of uncertainty about finding a job.

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