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Riots, Minorityism and Justice

May 3, 2013

The recent judgement of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots where Congressman Sajjan Kumar has been acquitted has the Sikh community fuming. Their grouse is that when against the same evidence others were convicted how come Sajjan Kumar was acquitted. They further complain that while the 2002 Gujarat riots saw an SIT constituted under the supervision of the Supreme Court nothing of the sort has happened even after almost 30 years in the case of the anti-Sikh riots. Their questions are legitimate as is their sense of having been wronged. The problem is that the Sikhs fail to understand some basic facts.

In the past few decades Sikhs have been encouraged to assert a distinct identity away from their Hindu moorings. The Punjab problem’s Genesis was such separatist thoughts egged on by our friends from across the border. They have been told that they are minorities in India. This is a fallacy that they must get out of their system. The ascendance of Manmohan Singh and his acceptance by the Indian masses as their own has made the Sikhs think but other major minorities do not waste any chance in hammering the ‘fact’ that Manmohan Singh is from a minority community. This helps them in two ways. One, this keeps the Sikhs alienated and away from their mother Hindu faith and any division among the Hindus is always a help. Secondly, they feel they have a chance at the top post because if one ‘minority’ leader can be the prime minister then why not from another.

Sikhs are barking up the wrong tree. They must realize that they are never going to get justice. For don’t they know that Hindus are second class citizens in this land that is India. Don’t they know that India has the unique distinction where the majority community is hunted down and killed and murdered and raped in their own country and they are refugees in their own land. I am talking about Kashmiri Pandits. Have the Pamdits got justice? It was in early 1990’s that the carnage against the Pandits started. Has anyone been charge sheeted.? Has any FIR been registered? Yasin Malik and his JKLF henchmen roam around freely and even visit Pakistan hobnobbing with the 26/11 perpetrators. Has the state helped the Pandits? Do they have any hope of reclaiming their houses and properties? Compared to the Pandits, there has been some headway in the 1984 riots. That is not to say that Sikhs should be satisfied and halt all efforts to get the culprits to book. This is just to reinforce that the Brihad Hindu Samaj of which they are a part can never get justice in this land that is Hindustan. We are second class citizens and that must never be forgotten. One simple question. Would the government be as placid as it was if Sarabjit was not a Hindu/Sikh but a Moslem? They would have moved Hell and high-water to got the man back and all and sundry would have jostled to get the credit.

Every party including the BJP is ready to bend backwards to get the votes of the Moslems. It is indeed amazing how far parties will go to get the votes of the Moslems. And they have inserted a critical word in the Constitution that makes it mandatory for any party to posture overtly that they are pro-minorities. And that word is ‘secular’. We are a certified ‘secular’ state. While other secular states of the West have a state religion we Indians have no such luxury. Britain is a secular state but their state religion is Christianity as also the US. The Left influence is so pronounced here in India that the very mention of Hindus is as if there has been a sacrilege.

The other vocal anti-majority ‘minority’ are the Christians of this country. They try to latch on to the major minority of India that are the Moslems as they see Hindus as their ‘enemies’. It suits them to mouth invectives and vitriolic against the Hindus along with the Moslems just to run down the Hindus. They also believe that their Evangelical aims will be better served if they side with the Moslems. This is opportunism at its worst. They forget that no political party will side with them if it comes to a choice between the two – for their numbers are just too small. The case of a Christian professor whose hand was chopped off by some Moslem miscreants still haunts the consciousness of the people of Kerala.

There is another religion that has ascended on the Indian horizon ever since Independence. They threw the Communists in jails en masse post Independence. They have generated riots ever since encouraging the Moslems to target the Hindus. And now their scion has openly stated that either you are with us or against us. And if you are against us, then we shall do all we can to hunt you down. I am talking about Congress party and its absolutist tendencies. Sajjan Kumar was a part of this political outfit that is almost a faith by itself. I am not at all surprised that he was let-off. The faithful will be protected as long as they are loyal to the Gods that are the Gandhi’s. I agree that this borders on fascism but then what do you do. Rahul Gandhi told an American diplomat that the real danger to India was from Hindu fundamentalism! Don’t forget that the political aide of Sonia Gandhi is one Ahmed Patel whose name cropped up repeatedly for engineering riots in Ahmedabad in the 1980’s and ’90’s. Minorityism prevails and the silent Hindu majority suffers silently. There are riots and murders of Hindus regularly in Assam and parts of Bengal that have become Moslem majority regions with unabated influx from Bangladesh. Center is a moot spectator for they are loathe to upturn the minority apple-cart.

The 2002 Gujarat riots were taken up most assiduously by this same pro-Moslem constituency. It was just a stroke of luck for these secular fundamentalists that this happened in a BJP ruled state. For had there been conflict between the faithful of the Congress hue and that of the only minority that are the Moslem the secular fundamentalists would have had no option but to brush it under the carpet for the faithful of the Congress would have prevailed over the faithful that call out to Allah. So all hell broke loose unmindful of the fact that the victims of Malliyana and Moradabad had never got justice as the faithful of the Congress hue had prevailed as indeed they would. Still wondering why the Sikhs and Hindus killed in the 1984 carnage never got justice? Law, justice and human rights are only for the minorities. Rest just do not matter and on that conviction they are trying to erect the edifice of the proposed, diabolical anti-Communal Violence Bill.

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  1. May 3, 2013 12:02 pm

    If Sarabjit were a Muslim, his fate would have been worse because the Muslims would have then said: “He went against a brother Muslim country”. He would have been hanged years ago. Of course, Sarabjit did not deserve this at all.

    Secondly, it is not to say that only the Sikhs were angry with Sajjan Kumar’s acquittal. Even a Hindu like me had his blood boiling. But you must also talk about Kamal Nath, against him not a finger has been raised yet he is still a cabinet minister.

    • May 5, 2013 4:48 pm

      Some Indian Muslims have managed to come out alive from Pakistani jails. But yes, there were other protagonists in the anti-Sikh pogrom of 1984. You are right that all sane Indians were outraged by the exoneration of Sajjan Kumar. But I was not surprised.

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