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Enough of ‘Bhaigiri’

May 17, 2013

The arrest of S Sreesanth and two others in a ‘spot fixing’ scandal during the sixth edition of the Indian Premier Cricket League has taken the nation by surprise and disgust. It is alleged that they were working for a betting syndicate operating from Dubai (1).  This betting syndicate has been active for a long time now and it is said that the dreaded gangster Dawood Ibrahim is behind it. It maybe recalled that in the 1980’s and 90’s there was a cricket tournament held in Sharjah where betting became so rampant that the tournament had to be stopped. Even then it was Dawood Ibrahim and his gang who were supposed to be behind the betting racket. I may add here that betting in India is illegal and all such bookies and cartels that operate do it clandestinely. The other day a 13 year old was kidnapped by his cousins for ransom as they had lost money in IPL betting. They killed the boy when they did not get the money.

Dawood Ibrahim (2) was born in Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra and after petty crimes in Mumbai took over the underworld reigns of the Mumbai docks from Karim Lala. Rest as they say is history. The man left India after organizing the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts in which more than 300 died and hundreds were injured. He was 3rd on the Forbes most wanted list of 2011. Interpol has issued a red corner notice for Dawood Ibrahim. The man, it is said, is holed up in posh Karachi enclave of Clifton. His brother Anees Ibrahim and Chota Shakeel are his close aides. Dawood is called ‘Bhai (brother)’ by those who know him.  It is almost a cult and many smaller goons love to be called ‘bhai’ by others perpetuating what is called ‘bhaigiri‘. The man is said to be involved in all nefarious activities including contract killing, smuggling of arms and drugs, terrorism and of course illegal betting. He is supposed to have huge investments in real estate and films. In fact Bollywood movies find finances from the so called D-Company. Interestingly, many Bollywood films find inspiration from the characters in the underworld that finances them. A trip to Dubai is almost a ritual for any budding starlet. It seems they go looking for the proverbial casting couch. Sanjay Dutt, the famous Bollywood star has been convicted for his links with the D-Company and helping them during the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts.

Every terror attack that India suffers is directly or indirectly attributed to Dawood and his gang. The dreaded Riyaz Bhatkal of  Indian Mujaheddin is said to have found refuge with Dawood Ibrahim. Dawood and his men have such hold over the film industry that it is a given that one cannot survive  without hobnobbing with the underworld. One so called superstar is said to be Dawood’s point man in Mumbai. It is said that IPL’s Kolkota Knight Riders  team is at least partly owned by the D Company. Slush money is floating around in the IPL and this must be stopped.

Dawood Ibrahim is also known to be close to the ISI. He is said to be financing the Taliban with active connivance of the ISI. It is support from Pakistan establishment which allows him a free hand to foment trouble in India and serve strategic interests of Pakistan in the badlands of the Af-Pak region. Dawood Ibrahim is an asset that the Pakistan establishment is unwilling to barter. They deny his existence in Pakistan although it is well known that he lives in Karachi. Indian intelligence agencies keep a close watch on his movements and are in the know of his activities. He has married his daughter to the son of famous Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad. Dawood’s sister lives in Mumbai and is said to be looking after his operations in the city. It is amazing how this is going on.

Dawood’s links with the Pakistani establishment are so close that Indian political leadership, it is alleged, took his help in making sure that arms supplies from Islamabad to the LTTE were halted prior to the 2009 war in Nothern Sri Lanka where Prabhakaran and his family were killed. The man has impressive clout and the best of sleuths cannot hope to lay their hands on the man.

Dawood Ibrahim and his gang have been a thorn in the side of India for long. They have rubbed India the wrong way time and time again. This is not to exonerate Sreesanth and the others involved in spot fixing. But if we have to go to the root of the problem and fix it, we will have to look at things in perspective. Lalit Modi is forced into exile in London as he feels unsafe in India. He claims that it is the threat from the underworld that forces him to live in London. It is a shame that the Indian state cannot assure an Indian citizen safety while a foreign nation does. For so many ills that ail this nation we keep hearing that the D- Company is behind it. In fact, it is said that the 26/11 attacks were financed by the D-Company.

Dawood Ibrahim and his gang have become a nuisance that needs to be taken care of. We cannot allow a bunch of thugs take a country as big as India to ransom. This ‘bhaigiri’ is a  joke that has gone too far. India is strong enough to take care of goons such as Dawood Ibrahim and his lackeys of chiknas and langdas.  It is a matter of political will. UPA II is tottering and have little chance of coming back to power Karnataka win not withstanding. Obama got Osama bin Laden and won a second term. UPAII has done well to hang Afzal Guroo and Kasab. Imagine if they could get Dawood Ibrahim and his lackey’s Chota Shakeel and others, the tide could swing in their favor. As I said it is a matter of political will. India has the resources to smoke louts such as Dawood out of their shells in any part of the world.  Did not the Israelis liquidate Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh of Hamas in Dubai?


(1) IPL fixing: Sreesanth arrested,Dawood Ibrahim link suspected : One India News

(2) Wikipedia

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