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Biking Around Varanasi – Part II: Awed by the Pristine Rajdari Waterfalls

April 3, 2014

It wasn’t the best of times, but then it wasn’t the worst of times, either. The April sun did bother a bit but it was still bearable. May and June are the worst months for getaways in India unless you are travelling to the hills.

Lal Khan's mausoleum just before the Malviya Bridge. ASI protected site.

Lal Khan’s mausoleum just before the Malviya Bridge. ASI protected site.

And hills and mountains are what I saw just a few kilometres from Varanasi. The Vindhya Range of mountains starts just beyond Mughalsarai and across Chakiya. The golden wheat fields ready for harvest were a sight to behold. The mountains right across a beautiful backdrop to these granaries of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. The leisurely pace of the countryside as intoxicating as the clean air one breathes.
Golden wheat fields and the mountains at the back.

Golden wheat fields and the mountains at the back.

The road was good and bad in patches. The Yamaha SZ-R was as dependable as ever. And I rode on.

I had been to Rajdari Waterfalls before, as a school boy. I knew it was on the Chakiya – Naugarh road but I failed to spot it and rode on towards Naugarh.

Rajdari Falls, upper view.

Rajdari Falls, upper view.

Had to turn back and drive more than 12 kilometers before I found the place. That is 24 extra kms to ride on a hilly tract.
Rajdari Falls

Rajdari Falls

The place is a restricted area and a wildlife sanctuary. But I never saw any wildlife. Man encroaching spaces meant for animals? But the falls were the same as when I had come last – which was decades ago. The place is breath-taking.DSCN0093Like any other fall this too is dangerous. There have been accidents I have heard. The rocks are slippery and one wrong step can be the difference between life and death. Parents are advised to keep a close watch on their kids. It’s a seventy meter sheer fall and the foliage around reminds one of the Amazon. The unadulterated beauty of the place leaves one speechless. DSCN0092I did take a bath. Soaped myself and luxuriated in the never ending stream of water. Somehow water falling is not cacophonous. Its nature’s way of talking to us, that is if we care to listen. I lay down and closed my eyes and tried to listen to what the elements had to say. And then I fell asleep. It was just a wink but a very soothing and refreshing one. Felt alive. DSCN0095

The journey back was tiring. Yes, it is an effort even to have a getaway. But it was well worth it.

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