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Biking around Varanasi Part III: The other falls – Windom Waterfalls

November 2, 2014

The biker in me woke up again. Its an itch, and when you have an itch you have to do something about it. So I put on my helmet, my dark glasses, my gloves, stashed a few clothes and a towel in my backpack, thrust my Nikon P520 on top of the heap, zipped the damned sack and was off on my Yamaha SZR – the beauteous, dependable machine.

Foliage around the falls

Foliage around the falls

Had heard a lot about the Windom waterfalls but never been there. I am a curious man. They say curiosity kills the cat but with me, curiosity makes me get out and explore. The usual forgettable roads greeted me as I pushed towards Allahabad. From Rohania the road was better. And when on the Varanasi – Allahabad highway I was touching 70-80 kmph. When I increased the throttle a tad further the bike began to wobble a bit so I got the message and slowed.

To reach Windom Falls you don’t need to touch Mirzapur – you just take a left turn and move further on. The damned falls are just a furlong from the road, which is quite amazing.

A side view of the Windom Waterfalls

A side view of the Windom Waterfalls

Windom is no Rajdari as there are no sheer falls. I mean there is no cacophony of tons of water falling from a height – no, these are gentle falls. You don’t get a shiver down the spine looking at the awesomeness of Mother Nature. Here Mother Nature is at her caressing best. These are the kind of waterfalls that are gentle and soothing. You can have a luxurious bath without fretting about the possibility of slipping and going down hundreds of meters.

I was a tad disappointed by what I saw. The image I had of the place was quite different from what I found. Nature is beautiful and so is the Windom waterfalls but there is no magic in there. Maybe the magic is in the serenity of the place. I could not appreciate the place also because of the litter all around. The place is strewn with disused paper plates, cups and soda bottles. Such places of tourist interest must be spick and span. The place smells and the garbage around cannot be ignored. You cannot appreciate a place when it is smelly all around. Narendra Modi’s Clean India campaign has definitely not reached Windom Falls. The place is unique if we keep it well. There are hordes of school children every week end and sometimes even on week days. It is strongly recommended that one visits Windom on week days to avoid the mad rush there.

The Vindhyas around Windom

The Vindhyas around Windom

True to my expectation there is a Dak Bungalow there. I was told that it was built by the British in 1914. It has two huge rooms and a hall. I was further informed that it can be booked for Rs1000 per day for a room in there and that includes meals. I could not quite understand where one can book the rooms in this beautiful timeless structure,

The funny part was that there were two plaques on the walls outside with almost a dozen names of people who contributed to the building of the wall around the Dak Bungalow. I mean, the guys who built the Bungalow remain anonymous and those who built the wall around it jostled for recognition! I felt shamed!

I then made the mistake of taking the wrong road back home. I took the Mirzapur-Chunar-Varanasi road and that was a bone crusher. I had heard that the road was bad but did not know it was so bad. I mean there were hardly any pot holes on the road – there were ditches. Wonder how it would be in the monsoons. The balance of the Yamaha saved the day for me so many times, worked like an Off-roader. Not surprised India has the highest accident rate in the world. On such roads the best of the best will have a fall or two. I was lucky I came back safe. The journey back home was a nightmare. It was a relief to be back in my digs.

Another itch another day another place around Varanasi – for sure!

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